What is your CHQ?

At Pristine, we know that customers are every retailer’s top priority. An expanding customer base and improved engagement are vital indicators of your company’s performance.

Pristine gives you a deep understanding of how to grow the engagement of each individual customer. Our original metric – the Customer Happiness Quotient™ – provides a singular focus for accomplishing this goal. This metric consists of 5 parts:

▸ Number of customers
▸ Visits per customer
▸ Number of categories purchased per customer (breadth)
▸ Spend per customer
▸ Margin dollars per customer

Our platform studies the response of each customer along each of these dimensions, learning the best ways to increase CHQ™, thereby continuing to improve the effectiveness of its recommendations.

CHQ™ is a product of Pristine’s exploratory ethos. Our team includes experts in design, AI, retail and data science who regularly research and test new ideas to keep our solutions – and you – at the cutting edge of the industry.