A singular solution to handle all your retail planning needs.

A customer-driven platform built with Augmented Intuition, Presto is focused on delivering the optimal experience for every one of your customers, every time they visit. Every day, we receive and analyze over 30 million new POS transactions, representing 35 million+ households, to provide you with the best understanding of your customers and their needs. Learn more about our solution below.

Everyday Pricing

Improve consumer price perception through a comprehensive view of shoppers’ needs, desires, and interests.

Mass Promotions

Promotion plans that competitively price and advertise your products to hit the target every time.

Personalized Offers

Intelligent, research-backed design elements to improve brand perception from ads to shelf arrangement to price tags.

Clearance & Markdown

Clear shelf-space and set the best prices on your excess inventory to maximize revenue and make room for next season’s products.

Supplier Collaboration

Streamline your workflow to work in concert with suppliers and in-house teams.